Magic Morning

Magic Morning

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It’s been a while since I posted anything but I’ve been busy shooting the final days of the Big Four Bridge project. I shot this image from the Big Four Bridge a couple of weeks ago and just found time to process it last week.

Though it appears to be a HDR image this image is from a single frame and was processed entirely in Aperture 3. I chose to use this frame from the bracket set I shot because it had an excellent histogram that was not blown out in the highlights or blocked up in the shadows. It was very early in the morning and the sunlight had not begun to illuminate the shoreline but the reflections of the clouds were so dramatic I couldn’t resist the shot.

12 thoughts on “Magic Morning

  1. Maybe too much clarity or contrast. Are you shooting jpg or raw? If jpg it could be your camera settings. (Very nice photograph).

    1. Thanks for your comment Larry. I shoot in raw and process for the vibrancy, clarity and contrast you see. I’m more interested in presenting my vision of the scene than adhering to arbitrary standards. For me and my photographic aesthetic this image is exactly what I intended when I tripped the shutter.

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