Over the Top

Over the Top

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Today’s image was taken from above the Big Four Bridge when Tim Williams took me up in the 135 foot tall man lift. We were in one of the middle spans on the bridge and as he worked the basket through the bridge super structure I saw this image. We were looking south over the top of the bridge and for the first time I saw the beauty of the elliptical  ramp that leads up onto the bridge from Waterfront Park. The ramp is a quarter mile long and is an engineering marvel. It incorporates multiple radia as it spirals up to the bridge. The engineering that went into designing and building it have led to numerous engineering and architectural awards.

I chose to process this black and white version in Aperture 3 using the Black and White adjustment panel. I tried all the various filters and ultimately opted to use the orange filter to get the level of contrast I was looking for. After that I adjusted the exposure, contrast and sharpening before exporting it as a 300 DPI JPEG file.

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  1. Wow!  I love it.  I’ve been enjoying your work, Nick.  Thanks for sharing.  Julie Thomas p.s. Quality vitamins.  Glad I got them though I’ve been inconsistent in taking them right now because of this HMR diet. 22.25lb. weight loss and counting… Wishing you and Eileen a great Thanksgiving


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