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Wacom Tablet Learning Curve


Yesterday I started trying to learn how to use my Wacom Intuos4 tablet. Like anything new there’s a learning curve but I’m sure if I stick with it I’ll be glad I did. I have had the tablet for at least a year but for whatever reasons I have avoided tackling using it.

The impetus was a sudden flareup of carpal tunnel that started when I spent an entire day editing photos with my mouse. I had never experienced carpal tunnel but as soon as I realized what was happening I started apply ice packs to my forearm. I also got out my Wacom tablet and decided this was the time to get used to working with it. Experience is such a cruel master; it gives you the answer first then you learn what the question was.

The stylus and pad does take some getting used to but already I’m learning that it really does make editing easier. My only complaint is that I chose the medium size tablet. I think that I would rather have the smallest tablet since the track pad is directly related to the cursor’s screen positions. I think that the larger Wacom tablets would work well for illustration because when I’m drawing I want to use my entire arm and shoulder to move the stylus. On the other hand when I’m moving around the desktop it would be nice to be able to keep movement to a smaller space.