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Yesterday I started trying to learn how to use my Wacom Intuos4 tablet. Like anything new there’s a learning curve but I’m sure if I stick with it I’ll be glad I did. I have had the tablet for at least a year but for whatever reasons I have avoided tackling using it.

The impetus was a sudden flareup of carpal tunnel that started when I spent an entire day editing photos with my mouse. I had never experienced carpal tunnel but as soon as I realized what was happening I started apply ice packs to my forearm. I also got out my Wacom tablet and decided this was the time to get used to working with it. Experience is such a cruel master; it gives you the answer first then you learn what the question was.

The stylus and pad does take some getting used to but already I’m learning that it really does make editing easier. My only complaint is that I chose the medium size tablet. I think that I would rather have the smallest tablet since the track pad is directly related to the cursor’s screen positions. I think that the larger Wacom tablets would work well for illustration because when I’m drawing I want to use my entire arm and shoulder to move the stylus. On the other hand when I’m moving around the desktop it would be nice to be able to keep movement to a smaller space.

12 thoughts on “Wacom Tablet Learning Curve

  1. Good morning Nick! You inspired me to start Blogging again. Perhaps you will inspire me to set up and master my Intuous 4! Curiously, I started with the small tablet and bought the medium one hoping it would be more useful!!

    1. I was at a Photoshop Seminar a couple of years ago and the presenter said that the best way to learn to use it was to put away the mouse and start using the tablet. I’m going to give it a try.

      1. From the comments of Alistair and Ellen it appears that the medium size is the way to go. Thanks for the comment about blogging too. I love it when I told i;m inspirational! 😉

  2. I have been using the Wacom Tablet for ten years and find it a great tool. I hardly ever use the mouse that came with the tablet. Think of the stylist as a pen and don’t look down at the tablet when you are using the stylist/pen (like typing on a keyboard & only looking at the screen). It is intutive to hold the stylist: more so than the mouse. It just takes the knack of never looking at the tablet, but focusing on the screen alone. I have a medium tablet and a small one. I use the medium one almost exclusively. I also programmed the tablet to increase & decrease the brush sizes. THAT is a FABULOUS time saver rather than using brackets. You can also zoom in and out of the image by programming the tablet as well. MUCH SUCCESS, Nick! Your images are already PERFECT!!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Ellen; I’m sure that I’ll get the hang of it if I just keep using it. Thanks also for your comment about my images; I keep striving for perfection and I’m honored that you think so highly of my work.

    1. Yes, I think you are correct Alistair the one I’m using is already becoming comfortable. You and Ellen have both convinced me that I just need to stick with it and soon I’ll be comfortable with the medium size.

  3. You can gift me the medium and I suspect someone will gift you the small. Let’s watch the universe work!

    1. Hi Kent, As you can probably see from my comments to Alistair and Ellen the universe is already at work. Looks like you’ll have to get yourself one of those new fangled wireless models…LOL Good to hear from you my friend.

  4. Hi there, I use small Intuos 4 for a couple years now. I have to admit it was a bit tricky to get use to it, but now I even forget where my mouse are! Totally love it!!! Keep using it, and I promise, You will love it too!

  5. I LOVE my tablet!! I feel it has improved my post work 🙂 I also have the medium wireless tablet. I place it on my lap with a small pillow… this works perfect for me.

  6. Thanks Janice. Yes I’m becoming more and more addicted to it too. The only times it gives me any trouble is when I use it to browse the web; it’s so precise and fast that i sometimes wind up clicking on an area or link I didn’t intend to. Iknow this much though… I won’t be going back to the mouse for photo editing.

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