Ohio River Sunset

Ohio River Sunset
(Topaz Version)

Today I decided to give this image from an HDR bracket set a quick processing with Topaz Adjust 5. I started with the Spicify preset which I then tweaked slightly before sharpening and exporting the image. What I hope I demonstrated is that a dramatic image is possible with minimal processing provided your original photo is an interesting composition.

4 thoughts on “Ohio River Sunset

  1. Finally had a chance to come back to this photo. Beautiful colors in the sky! Love the road off to the left and the capture of street lighting.

  2. I love it Nick! What you very successfully demonstrated is that HDR does not have to scream HDR! HDR! I love the composition, texture, contrast and color balance. The fine details are wonderful.

  3. Thank you Lauren; you have articulated exactly what I’m trying to show. I think using the HDR technique is a wonderful way to produce work that emulates our human ability to see much much more than our camera sensors can. It allows me, as an artist, to share my vision of the scenes in front of my lens in a way that combines my vision with the finished product.

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