Carpenters of the Ohio River Bridges Project

In this post I wanted to show some images of the Carpenters on the Ohio River Bridges Project. These images were shot during the Fall of 2014 and early Winter in 2015. The Carpenters trade is a very diverse trade encompassing everything from building concrete forms to driving piles to prepare for foundation work. Some Carpenters specialize in surveying, others are specialists at erecting the large steel concrete forms for bridge supports.

Clicking on any image will open a light box slideshow of the entire gallery.

The images in this post are all HDR images that were processed in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 and Adobe Photoshop CS5. I started with three frame bracket sets of +2, 0 and -2 EV exposures that were merged in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2. I then applied a Balanced preset before taking the merged files into Adobe Camera Raw and finally into Photoshop CS5. Using HDR techniques and bracket sets allows me to capture details in the highlights and shadows and emphasize the parts that are most important to me when crafting my images.

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