Based on my personal experience I recommend the following businesses and products.


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image001 copy   Outdoor Photo Gear always delivers excellent service and top quality products that I use daily in my work. If you are in the market for a new camera bag, the right outdoor apparel for photography, lighting equipment, a new tripod or even a FujiFilm Camera these are the guys to call. Fast, friendly and knowledgable; the staff at Outdoor Photo Gear will do everything possible to help you select just the right item for your needs.


suite9   onOne Software has a great stand alone photo editing app, Perfect Photo Suite 9, that encompasses everything for photo editing with Perfect B&W 9, Perfect Resize 9, Perfect Enhance 9, Perfect Effects 9, Perfect Browse 9, Perfect Portrait 9 and Perfect Layers 9. The interface is a layered approach and the ability to switch from module to module while editing offers amazing flexibility for the user.


Adjust 4 Ad 1   Topaz Labs has an incredible array of editing apps in their lineup. My personal favorites are Topaz Adjust, Topaz B&W Effects and Topaz Restyle all of which allow me to visualize many options before committing myself to a particular treatment for an image. TheTopaz photoFXlab app supports a layered workflow and works as a stand alone photo editor too.


logo_hdrsoft-1   Photomatix Pro 5 is the newest app in my HDR workflow and is really opening my eyes to a different approach to my HDR work. I have long used another HDR app that I liked better than the previous versions of Photomatix but I recently gave Photomatix Pro 5 a try and found it much improved from earlier versions. Not only is it faster at merging multiple exposures but the anti-ghosting tools are superior to anything I have used in the past. Photomatix Pro 5 is also a stand alone program that can be used with single and multiple images to create stunning HDR images. There is also a less expensive version, Photomatix Essentials, that is also a stand alone editor.


fx_pro   MacPhun Software products, FX Studio ProTonality Pro, Snapheal Pro, Intesify Pro and Focus Pro are all well thought out apps that do remarkably well at editing your images. The learning curve isn’t too steep and the results are almost always pleasing. Snapheal pro has one feature that is sure to please those who don’t have Photoshop available; with Snapheal Pro you can remove unwanted object as easily as simply brushing over them during editing.


 thinktank-155x100-2  Think Tank Camera Bags and accessories are among the best designed bags on the market today. The attention to detail and use of quality materials make them fantastic gear for the serious photographer.


really-fat-cow   FatCow web hosting. Speeddemon2 Photography uses FatCow  for it’s web host for a many reasons; their use of renewable energy makes a difference in the amount of carbon footprint of Speeddemon2 Photography. Their pricing is competitive and the features they offer are robust and practical. The reliability has been excellent and their customer support is helpful and courteous. Their support for WordPress users is also a major reason that I use them and recommend them to my readers.



   3 Legged Thing is a British outfit making some incredible tripods for serious photographers. The quality and innovation that go into their products sets them apart from the run of the mill tripods on the market today.


logo   Gura Gear camera bags are also some of the best engineered bags I have ever used. I especially like my Gura Gear backpack because of the way it is designed to open like a butterfly. I can lay it down and access nearly anything inside easily.


amazon-assoc-logo-gray._V192206981_  What is there to say about them except that if a thing exists it’s probably in one of their warehouses. Use this link to go there and help a struggling artist continue his work.



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