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Reflections of a 1946 Mercury

Last year I decided to shoot reflections at the Streetrod Nationals here in Louisville. As I worked that weekend I noticed that many times I was a part of the scene before my camera. I started playing with the idea of producing a self portrait within the reflections on the cars. This particular car caught my eye because when I was a kid in high school I owned a 1946 Mercury Coupe. My car was a deep green color but before it was painted green it had been maroon in color. I thought it would be fun to see what possibilities this particular car offered for utilizing the reflection to create a self portrait. I settled on this image as the best of the lot with this car.

My point with this post is that when I take my camera in the field I like to have some concept or theme when I’m shooting a subject that I’ve photographed literally thousands of times. By making reflections the overall concept of that weekend’s shooting I was able to take a cliched subject and give it new life. So the next time you are stumped about shooting something that you love, and have photographed many times, try thinking about another way to interpret the scene; you just may surprise yourself and walk away with an image that you really enjoy