16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Thank you for the comment. Yes. I was in a man lift inside the upper section of the Big Four Bridge looking west. I like the way the bridge components frames the Kennedy Bridge too.

  2. Love that riveted steel. Beautiful perspective, one that is only experienced by birds, and bridge workers, and now you have shared it with us. Well done, Nick. I miss your descriptive text—setting the scene, why, how etc. . . .

    1. Don’t worry Willa I’ll be writing again, this was an experiment to see how a wordless Wednesday post would fly.

      Yesterday I was back in the man-lift and my pilot Tim raised us 135 feet above the bridge deck which combined with the bridge height was 210 feet above the river. The view was amazing and of course I shot a lot of images while we were up there. Some of those will be coming to the blog soon.

  3. Couldn’t resists checking out something called Wordless Wednesday. Turns out pictures are indeed worth 1000 words. Well done, and I hope your Wordless Wednesday does fly.

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