6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I love the composition, Nick. I have a challenge for you. “The pictures within the picture.” Select one of your photographs and crop it into as many separate images as you possibly can!

    1. I’ll give that a try one day soon Lauren. I read Michael Freeman’s book “The Photographer’s Eye” recently where he discussed that very idea. His point was that there can be many stories, within a single frame, that can be told through cropping. I used to subscribe to the belief that cropping was taboo and strived to compose perfectly in camera; a holdover from my film days I suppose. I still shoot for composition but I have become more open to cropping in the last year or so.

      Freeman suggested that with the current capabilities of digital imaging there is a lot of information in the image that can be used to express different emotions and meanings. Earlier this week I included a panorama from a shot of the bridge that was simply a crop of another photo in that post.

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