We’re Almost There

Entrance to the Big Four Bridge
Entrance to the Big Four Bridge

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We are just a couple of days from the opening of the Big Four Bridge. All the work has been completed and all that’s left is for the gate to be removed and the dedication on Thursday morning. After that the crown jewel of Waterfront Park will be open to everyone on the Kentucky side. Later this year the ramp from Indiana will be completed and we’ll be able to walk or bike over the river.

I processed this image in HDR Efex Pro 2 from three exposures +1.3, 0, -1.3 EV. After tone mapping the merged image I returned it to Aperture 3 for some additional adjustments to exposure, definition, vibrancy and sharpening.

I finally broke down and started using the auto bracket feature on my Nikon D90 to capture my bracket sets. I don’t know why it took me so long to adopt this feature but I am really glad I did. It really simplifies the HDR bracketing process and allows me to focus more on composing the images while speeding up everything about the shooting process.

12 thoughts on “We’re Almost There

    1. Thank you Ellen I’m striving for balance in my HDR work and this image seems to be where I’m headed. I don’t think it is “too” anything yet it really exploits the HDR techniques.

  1. I love the composition Nick. You and I share a project oriented approach. I am sure that documenting the Big Four project has been as reqarding for you as Saint Luke’s Hospital here in Cleveland is for me. What’s next?


    1. I’m going to find all the current and former bourbon distilleries in Kentucky next and photograph them, the ruins, or simply the site where they once stood. There have been 159 distilleries in the state since the 18th century. I have a list of them and will be out searching for them in a few weeks once I have finished compiling and editing the body of work from the Big Four Bridge.

      Thanks for the comment about the composition; I was fortunate that the sky was so cooperative yesterday when I shot this. I like the way the clouds seem to be emanating from the bridge.

  2. Such an interesting bridge, Speeddemon2. The composition, clouds, patterns and textures really catch my eye. So nice to see someone using Aperture 3 too. After 4 years, I took the plunge and migrated over to Lightroom about 6 months ago. I really battled with learning Adobe’s bizarre approach to keyboard shortcuts; for me Apple’s approach just seemed so logical. However, Apertures noise reduction, reverse vignetting, and watermarking inconsistencies were the predominate reason’s for my switch. And, as much as it pains me to say it, I think Lightroom does a better job overall than what Aperture did. If I ever got a retina Macbook Pro though…. 😉
    I better stop raving now though. Lovely work and I’m really looking forward to perusing your posts now that I’ve subscribed.

    1. Thanks Distan I have Lightroom as well but I have been using Aperture so long I am hesitant to leave my comfort zone. I have Photoshop CS5 when I need to perform editing that is beyond Aperture’s ability. The main advantage for me is the cataloging system in Aperture.

      Thank you for following my blog I’ll try to make it worth your time.

  3. Congratulations to all on a job well done! Great HDR work…most definitely not over done, just the right hint of “pop”. I was wondering “what’s next” too, glad Lauren voiced it. What an interesting project this will be, can’t wait to see how you will document the “old and new”. Perhaps some B&W?

  4. Have followed your great work on this project, loved it. All the best with the next project hope to see something soon.

    1. Thank you Pete I’m glad you enjoyed the project. Now that the bridge is open I will be able to shoot some night images of the city and waterfront; that is something I’ve been waiting for for awhile now.

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