WDRB TV Interview about my Ohio River Bridges Series.

Last week I was interviewed by WDRB TV, here in Louisville, about my ongoing series of photos documenting the Ohio River Bridges Project . The bridge is being built by Walsh Construction Company which has granted me exclusive access to all areas of the project.

The YouTube video below is from the WDRB TV Interview that appeared on Sunday May 11, 2013.


9 thoughts on “WDRB TV Interview about my Ohio River Bridges Series.

    1. Thanks Lois I was on a motorcycle ride last week with several retired US Secret Service Agents and waited until I was back home before posting this. I think the reporter and his camera man did a great job.

      1. They did indeed … as did YOU!!! Again, my sincere congratz. Having been reading your blog about this for awhile, I feel especially proud of and excited for you!!!

  1. Great report Nick – congratulations. Your documentation of this project is extraordinary and will serve this community and be a valuable resource for many, many decades to come. You must feel incredibly proud of your efforts – I know I do!

  2. I remember one piece you made but can’t remember what class it was for. We critiqued everyone’s work when the assignment was due, but your piece was a strange little figure made of wire I think, but it had little plastic doll hands at the end of the extended arms. I made the comment, “I had a hand in it.” L.o.l. We always knew that art education would come in handy. You certainly had a hand in this moment in history. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks Jim I can’t recall that piece but I’ll take your word for it. Thanks for the kind comments.

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