Waterfront Park View #2

We’ll Be Landing in Louisville

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This is another shot I took from high above the Big Four Bridge last month.  It was early and the sun was just rising when I captured this scene. The airplane in the sky adds interest to an otherwise empty sky. The river is so placid early in the morning almost as if it has been sleeping and is just waking to a new day. Waterfront Park is a treasure that many Louisvillians are unaware of; the park extends east of downtown for several miles and reinvigorates a former blighted area of Louisville. The park sits on land that at one time had nothing but scrap yards, asphalt terminals, barge docks and derelict structures all along the riverfront. The land has been reclaimed and decontaminated over the past twenty five years to create one of the most unique parks in America.

I processed this single frame HDR image in Aperture 3 and NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 to get just the right atmosphere.

7 thoughts on “Waterfront Park View #2

  1. You got me, on this one, Nick! I was wanting to see more under the bridge at the right… where the eye naturally gravitates… then I read your caption and looked for the airplane! Great work, Nick!!


  2. Very nicely done! How wonderful the land was reclaimed and transformed into the beautiful park it is today. Where there is a will, there is a way!

  3. Nice image, Nick! But have you thought of making a version where you crop off the top to just below the airplane? You want the viewer to focus on the park and the city skyline; the plane distracts from that and leads the eye in a different direction. I note that Lauren, who commented above, didn’t notice the plane until she read your description, which does seem to point to the plane not being a necessary enhancement of this strong image. I love the sharpness throughout. Great work as usual.

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