Waterfront Park Sprayground

Waterfront Park Sprayground  #1
Waterfront Park Sprayground #1

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One of the wonderful features of Waterfont Park is the Sprayground feature. The Sprayground is busy all day long with kids squealing and splashing under the water fountains or climbing on the playground equipment. One of the features that I really like is the fish fountains that have water pouring out of their mouths creating beautiful waterfalls on the kids heads.

I chose to shoot this scene in HDR so I shot a three bracket set of -2, 0 and +2 EV to capture the details in the sun and in the shade under the trees. I first took the three RAW frames into NIK Sharpener Pro and applied adaptive sharpening globally. I then merged the three sharpened frames in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 where I applied a 60% anti-ghosting setting. The anti-ghosting allowed me to capture the many moving people and kids without showing any ghost artifacts. I also used the Deep 2 preset but I tweaked it to bring down some of the over-saturation in the foliage while still showing the vibrant blues in the sky and water. I finished the image in Aperture 3 where I adjusted individual color saturation and luminance. I applied my final sharpening and a small vignette to complete the image.

8 thoughts on “Waterfront Park Sprayground

  1. Aside from everything else, it looks like you’ve very carefully and meticulously thought out every single detail of the composition — and there were a lot of elements to take into consideration! Well done, Nick.

    1. Thank you Nancy I do try to see everything in my view finder. I try to think like Henri Cartier Bresson and wait for the decisive moment to trip the shutter. It’s is much like shooting sports. Whenever there are people in the scene the photographer has to consider what impact they have on the composition as well as the content of an image.

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