Waterfront Park Afternoon

Waterfront Park Afternoon
Waterfront Park Afternoon

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This image was processed in Aperture 3 as a RAW file before being taken into NIK HDR Efex 2 where I used the Structure 1 preset where I then boosted exposure, shadows, highlights, contrast and structure. I then returned the image to Aperture 3 where I boosted definition, contrast and vibrancy followed by sharpening.

6 thoughts on “Waterfront Park Afternoon

  1. Another awesome dynamic image with different, complementary lines: the bridge, the paved path that is almost but not quite parallel to the bridge, and then the shadows (of the trees?) falling at a pronounced angle to the other two. You’re so blessed to have a park like that from which to make these beautiful images! We have such a park here in the Hudson Valley too–it’s in a city that has just been declared one of the USA’s ten most dangerous. Gives “drive-by shooting” a whole new meaning for photographers….

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