U of L Women’s Rowing Team

U of L Women's Rowing Team
U of L Women’s Rowing Team

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Yesterday morning I was in Louisville Waterfront Park for some early morning shooting. I was trying to find fresh points to view the park and had been in the kid’s playground trying to see the park from their viewpoint. As I walked toward the river I caught sight of the U of L Women’s Rowing Team practicing. They were just downriver heading back upstream. Their support boat was with them as well but I didn’t want it in the shot so I waited until the scull just passed the observation deck and shot a three frame bracket set. A moment later the support boat entered the scene and I wound up with only three exposure of this scene.

I processed the three images in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 but I needed to deal with some ghosting that the boat’s movement was causing. I first applied 20% anti-ghosting but that didn’t fully eliminate the ghosts; I went through 40% and 60% settings but at 60% the trees in the foreground began to halo badly. I settled on 40% anti-ghosting which was all I needed. I also changed the reference image in several versions before settling on the 0 EV frame. The other frames exhibited more ghosting than the 0 EV exposure.

I find the anti-ghosting adjustment to be one I spend a great deal of time experimenting with whenever I am dealing with images that have a lot of movement between frames. The tendency is to only look at the section where the movement is the greatest and work to minimize that issue. What I am discovering is that it is also important to look at the objects that are static too and watch out for haloing around them as I balance how much anti-ghosting to apply.

I applied the Deep 1 preset and them nade some minor adjustments there to Tonality before returning the image to Aperture 3 for my final adjustments.

4 thoughts on “U of L Women’s Rowing Team

    1. Tiny boat big river…lol… It’s hard to shoot these boats with giving them some point of reference. Just shooting a boat on the river is not for me I want to include the environment too. Thanks for commenting.

    2. Disagree w/ Mr. Ludlum.
      The boat indeed makes the shot! The fact that it happens to be a small is so much the better. Anyone at anytime can shoot a bridge.
      I shot crew for 3 years, my daughter’s team at UCSB, and know it’s harder than it looks.
      Nice touch with the software, keep up the good work!

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