Tri-Five Beauty

Among the lovers of the 1955 through 1957 Chevrolet the term “Tri-Five” is used to differentiate these models from the rest of their General Motors brethren. This gorgeous 1955 Chevy was parked at the Streetrod Nationals last year. I thought the overall restoration and modernization  of this car was outstanding. Even though it has been completely refitted with a modern driveline and custom wheels it is so well done it could fool most people into believing it is a stock 1955 Chevrolet. The interior was all reupholstered in new old stock factory seat covers and interior panels. The radio was hidden somewhere in the car but the controls looked like the original radio knobs and tuning dial.

I like this composition for it’s repetition of the forms that occur in the roof behind the car and the sky bridge at the left side of the image. The strong diagonals of the buildings reinforce the the placement of the car in the frame while the colors in the scene are harmonious and intensified. I used Topaz Adjust and Aperture 3 to process the image.

4 thoughts on “Tri-Five Beauty

  1. Excellent capture (as always) of a beautiful car. I can’t believe there there wasn’t a dozen people hovering around while you took the pic!

    1. Thanks, this particular car belongs to a close friend of mine. I surprised him with the photo when I showed it to him after the show last year; he wasn’t aware that I shot it. Now he’s finding out that folks from around the world have seen it and seems to be very pleased that it is so well received.

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