Topaz Labs Discount Offer

Here’s a great offer from Topaz Labs that I thought I should share with you. As many of you are aware I’m a big fan of the entire Topaz Suite of plug-ins

For a limited period Topaz labs are offering Pictures2win members 30% Discount on any of their Plug in software including The topaz Labs Plug in Bundle Saving you a massive $89. You can purchase individual products and You can save a whopping 30% on any individual products including, Star effects, B&W Effects, Lens Effect, Topaz Adjust, Topaz Denoise,Topaz Simplify, Topaz Detail, Topaz Remask and their individual products start as little as $29.99.

This Fantastic Limited Offer is Only Available from the 21st May-23rd May 2012

Just Go to Topaz Labs then when purchasing any of their products just enter pictures2win in the discount code offer and receive your 30% discount it’s as easy as that.

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