The Ironworker’s Barge

The Ironworker's Barge
The Ironworker’s Barge

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This image is from the work barge where the ironworkers are constructing the reinforcement frameworks that will be placed inside the bridge piers before the concrete in poured. I processed it in Aperture 3 without any additional plug-ins.

2 thoughts on “The Ironworker’s Barge

  1. Wow, nice, Nick! You have all those lines coming toward us, then the bridge crossing the picture, then the diagonal of the crane. It masterfully conveys a busy scene without looking confused or chaotic.

    1. Thanks Nancy I try to compose the image as completely as possible when I’m behind the lens. I study the subject while also scanning the entire frame to be sure I am not including a distracting element yet offering a balanced composition that compliments the subject.

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