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Where the Bourbon Was Born

Memories of Spirits Long Gone
Memories of Spirits Long Gone

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This image is a four exposure bracket set taken at ISO 200 without additional light added. One of the benefits of shooting for HDR is the ability to capture scenes such as this with the extended dynamic range that a bracket set encompasses.

By exposing at +2, +1, 0, and -1 EV I was able to capture the textures within the scene and then merge them using NIK HDR EFex Pro 2. I adjusted the exposure and details in NIK HDR EFex Pro 2 and then I took the resulting image into Nik Silver Efex Pro to create a montone image. As I experimented with the various presets I came upon the “Antique Plate 2” preset which allowed me to create an image that feels as if it were made in another time. I thought the preset fit the subject and gave it an aura of mystery that I was hoping for.

After completing the monotone image I returned it to Aperture 3 where I sharpened it slightly and made a few other minor adjustments.