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This image sums up this week’s composition themes, leading lines, texture and complimentary color contrast. Not much to add to what I’ve already written on the subject this week. Processed in Topaz Adjust and Aperture 3.

Enjoy your weekend; I’ll see you next week.



Studebaker Boneyard

Studebaker Boneyard

Every vehicle in this shot is a Studebaker truck. The location is in western Arizona along US 50. Even though it was midday I was able to create a memorable shot which comes back to my belief that with practice and study a photographer can capture good images no matter what time of day he is shooting.

I really like the way Topaz Adjust helped me bring out the colors in this shot. I have printed this image at 24″x36″ and the detail is amazing.

I use a local print shop, Unique Imaging Concepts, to print most of my work. They print on many different substrates but my choice is their glossy aluminum. Their process is dye-sublimation which really works well to preserve the vibrance and detail that I require in my work for gallery exhibition. I still print on paper when the client or gallery requires that but my preference is printing on aluminum.