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End of the Deck Pour

Removing the Bidwell Machine
Removing the Bidwell Machine

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This shot is from the day that the T & C Construction crew completed pouring the concrete veneer on the Big Four Bridge. This was the culmination of the task of getting the deck in place and one of the major milestones on the project. The Bidwell concrete paving machine in the air had to be reengineered and modified to work within the confines of the bridge. Because it’s original purpose was to be used for highways and highway bridges it was too wide for the Big Four Bridge. Willie and his crew figured out a way to narrow it to fit the bridge and designed a new roller system that could use the bridge’s curb to position the machine. This is another facet of the problem solving and ingenuity that the construction crew had to do on a daily basis that the casual observer isn’t aware of.

I shot this as a single frame and completed all processing within Aperture 3. As you can see by the angle of the shadows it was getting late in the day which gave me some great light to work with that saturated the colors and boosted the contrast.