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This image sums up this week’s composition themes, leading lines, texture and complimentary color contrast. Not much to add to what I’ve already written on the subject this week. Processed in Topaz Adjust and Aperture 3.

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Back to the Boneyard

Here’s another shot from my trip to the Studebaker Boneyard in Arizona. I really like the texture and patina that this front end from a 1950 Studebaker has. The famous “Bullet Nose” grill is an American icon. Studebaker was so far ahead of it’s competitors, in the design realm, after World War II . Unfortunately the cars themselves were pretty mediocre in terms of the quality of their components which helped seal their fate.

I shot this at midday and, as I do most times, I was using my polarizer to cut down on the glare. I find using a polarizer to photograph these abandoned vehicles helps when I do my final processing. The polarizer seems to intensify the colors and bring out the texture in the rust. I recommend using polarizers to my students when they are shooting in less than favorable light such as the light in the middle of the day.

I processed this image in Topaz Adjust using the Spicify preset then I dialed it down somewhat from the default setting. One of the real benefits of using a plug-in such as Topaz Adjust is that I can accomplish the feat of opening up the shadows and showing the detail that is in them, such as the inside of the wheelwell here, where the viewer can see the ground and the inside of the fender too.  Too often I see images that have gone through one of these plug-ins where the effect is too strong. I often advise my students to think in terms of “less is more” when using them.

Compositionally I like the way the the subject comes forward in the frame; almost as if it is trying to jump back on the highway for one more ride.  The many triangles that are formed by the composition keep the image from being flat or static. The angles move our eyes within the frame while suggesting that there is more going on just out of our sight.

Studebaker Boneyard

Studebaker Boneyard

Every vehicle in this shot is a Studebaker truck. The location is in western Arizona along US 50. Even though it was midday I was able to create a memorable shot which comes back to my belief that with practice and study a photographer can capture good images no matter what time of day he is shooting.

I really like the way Topaz Adjust helped me bring out the colors in this shot. I have printed this image at 24″x36″ and the detail is amazing.

I use a local print shop, Unique Imaging Concepts, to print most of my work. They print on many different substrates but my choice is their glossy aluminum. Their process is dye-sublimation which really works well to preserve the vibrance and detail that I require in my work for gallery exhibition. I still print on paper when the client or gallery requires that but my preference is printing on aluminum.