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Mitchell South Dakota

Mitchell South Dakota VFW
Mitchell South Dakota VFW

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I was in Mitchell South Dakota a couple of years ago and found myself walking around the business district early in the morning. I came upon the local VFW Post and really liked the way the morning sun was casting shadows on the wall. I liked the juxtaposition of the circular kitchen exhaust fan, and it’s shadow, with the rectangular windows, the plaster over door and the street sign’s shadow as well as the texture of the concrete blocks in the wall. I decided to process this image in Black and White to emphasize the texture and lend an air of nostalgia.

Pixoto Photo Duels

The image above was taken in South Dakota with an iPhone 3S which fits my personal mantra that the best camera you have is the one you have with you.

For the past two months I have been participating in Pixoto.com photo duels. I have been able to see work from around the world and compare my efforts with those of my fellow photographers. The plus side for me is the satisfaction of winning an award for my work and the knowledge that photographers from around the world have seen my work and voted yea or nay on it.

I don’t know where Pixoto is heading but I feel pretty safe putting my images on their site. They watermark everything with a simple copyright © symbol with the photographer’s name; in my case it is  ©Nick Roberts. They state up front that the photographer retains all rights to the images that they submit to Pixoto.

I find it interesting to see what they pair up in the image duels, (I participate enthusiastically), which show the varied approaches to photography from around the world. It is very gratifying to see that your image has been selected by your photographic peers as the best in the duel, and ultimately the category, whether it is for the day, week or month.

I encourage all of you who come here to view my work to take a serious look at the Pixoto.com site and try it out for yourselves. I think you will find it very gratifying and helpful. By the way I need to mention that it is free for the present time and you can earn posting credits simply by participating in the “Image Duels”

This link will take you to a page at Pixoto.com where you can see many of my images that have won awards from the Pixoto Community. http://www.pixoto.com/speeddemon2/awards