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Outdoor Photo Gear’s SmugMug Event

Outdoor Photo Gear's New Store in Louisville, KY
Outdoor Photo Gear’s New Store in Louisville, KY

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a SmugMug Meeting at Outdoor Photo Gear’s new location here in Louisville. When OPG decided to move this year one of Chris Klapheke’s plans for the new OPG location was a classroom space that could be utilized by guest speakers, workshop presenters and local photography clubs.

Tonight OPG hosted their first event in the new store with a SmugMug presentation by well known macro photographer Mike Moats who gave a talk on the business of being a nature photographer. Also in attendance and sharing his business insights was Greg Schern founder of Gura Gear camera backpacks and other camera gear storage and protection gear. Both men spoke about how much they enjoyed their business and the way it allowed them to support themselves while being part of the photographic community.

The turnout was very large, well over sixty people attended, and the space was well received by all in attendance. The staff of OPG made everyone feel at home and assisted in making sure that everything went off without a hitch. In addition Greg of Gura Gear gave away several door prizes including their new “Tembo” memory card wallets. The name Tembo came about because it means elephant in Africa and as Dr. Seuss said “an elephant never forgets” which fits perfectly for the memory card wallet.

Next Friday, March 15, OPG will be hosting an open house to share their new location with the public. If tonight is any indication the event will be a great success and further cement OPG’s commitment to serve the photographic community.

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