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The First Person to Reach The Bridge on Opening Day

First Runner on the Big Four Bridge.
The First Runner on the Big Four Bridge.

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When the official ceremony was over I decided that I wanted to see who would be the first person to set foot on the Big Four Bridge yesterday. The officials running the opening had decided not to allow any media to go up on the bridge ahead of the general public so I had to think of another way to capture the first person to set foot on the bridge. Earlier in the morning I had scouted out a shooting spot on the ground under the ramp; as soon as the gate was opened I headed there. I had two women in my viewfinder, who were walking up the ramp ahead of the crowd, when this runner passed them just as they all three passed under the bridge.

I turned my attention to the runner and captured him as he reached the halfway point on the ramp. I was able to capture him in several frames until he reached the landing. After that he disappeared onto the bridge and I wasn’t able to see him any longer from my vantage point. This morning’s paper reported that the first person to reach the Indiana side was a woman bicyclist; she must have passed this runner on the bridge.

If anyone knows who he is I would like to have his name so that I can give him proper credit for being the first person to set foot on the bridge after the dedication. If you know him you can leave his name in the comments section of the blog and I will come back and give him the credit he is due.

I was shooting brackets for HDR yesterday too but I chose this single exposure to process. My only photo editor for this image was Aperture 3.