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Sam’s 1952 International Harvester COE Rat Wrecker

A short article about a 1952 International Harvester COE Rat Wrecker being built by Sam Humston in Louisville, Kentucky



I found this car at a local car show. I have never seen a top that was chopped and then laced back together but the rat rod crowd does some interesting fabrication. I liked the way the rusted patina of the car contrasted with the slick finish of the yellow car reflected in the stop light. I thought the inclusion of the bullet holes in the rear deck lid helped add interest to the right hand side of the image.

I framed it in as a classic rule of thirds placing the red light at the intersection of the lower third section and the left third section. I processed this image using the NIK HDR Efex Pro plug-in and finished it in Aperture 3.

Beaterville Beast

I shot this rat rod at a local car show. I really dig the outrageous engine and aggressive stance this little rat has. A tunnel ram intake, straight pipes and a chopped top all scream hot rod which is why it appealed to me in the first place.

I processed this one using Aperture 3 and Topaz Adjust. Once again I used the Spicify preset and then tweaked the settings to get the overall look I wanted. Spicify does a great job accenting the texture of the rust and the colors in the scene.

I framed this image so that the diagonal lines in the photo would draw the viewer into the frame. The front tire seems poised to leap out of the frame. Once again I was shooting with a polarizer because it was around midday and I knew that the polarizer would saturate the sky and the colors in the scene.