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First Racer of the Day

The early morning runs on the Salt Flats are something I will always remember. You can hear the engine screaming at redline long before you can see the motorcycle come into view. For me this image captures some of the majestic beauty of the Salt Flats and the daredevil who is willing to try to go faster than anyone in this class ever has.

Land Speed Racing is a solitary sport because once the flag is dropped it is rider and machine against the time clock. It takes a special man or woman to attempt it on two wheels. At Bonneville gender doesn’t matter, it’s all about skill and courage; there are many world land speed records that are held by women as well as men.  I don’t know who was riding this bike that morning but I do know that they were having the thrill of a lifetime as they rocketed by at well over 100 miles an hour.