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This image is another one from the NuLu Photowalk with Jon Eland last Saturday. I was photographing the facade of the building at Gittings Bedding on Market Street when I noticed this fellow looking out the door. I started photographing him as he stood there for what seemed a very long time watching me. At some point he flipped the OPEN sign to CLOSED and I thought he would close the door but instead he continued to watch me. I continued to shoot until he stepped back inside and closed the door.

I processed this image in Topaz Adjust using Spicify as my initial preset. I dialed it down quite a bit in order to preserve a realistic sense to the image while still intensifying the contrast and colors in the photo. The sun was shining directly on the building but through using the detail slider and other adjustments I was able to show the texture of his shirt and the brick on the building.

Buick Fireball Eight

At the NSRA Streetrod Nationals you will see many creative uses for vintage engines. This Buick Dyna Flash Fireball Eight is one such engine. It was installed in a Reo roadster which made it a very unique combination. The car itself was a faint pastel green and the engine was this fantastic deep jade green with white lettering. I wanted to capture the paint job on the engine because it was as finely detailed as the overall car. All the raised lettering that was stamped into the spark plug cover really caught my eye because it had all been perfectly hand painted.

Once again I am trying to show how by taking an entirely different approach to a subject, that I have been photographing for over 40 years, I was able to come up with a unique image that I hope will resonate not only with car people but with anyone who appreciates streamline influenced art deco design.

I chose to frame it diagonally to move the viewer’s eye through the frame from left to right. I used Aperture 3 and NIK HDR EFex Pro to saturate and intensify the color in the image.