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Playing with Topaz Adjust

Kansas Tractors
Kansas Tractors

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Today I thought I’d play around with some images of old tractors I came across in Kansas a couple of years ago. I was riding through there on my way to Utah when I spotted a junkyard full of farm equipment. As you can see from the shadows it was high noon which is usually thought to be a time of day to avoid shooting anything. I have found over the past few years that photos taken at this time of day seem to really respond to Topaz Adjust treatment.

This was a single frame that I first opened in Topaz Adjust. I used the Adjust 4 presets and chose Spicify as my starting point. I dialed it down a little before adding some color adjustments to the Cyan and Blue in Aperture 3. Before that I applied one of the vignettes and a black border in Topaz Adjust.