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Time Gone By

Homage to A Time Gone By
Homage to A Time Gone By

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I wanted to try something a little different with these bridge images. I decided to take them into Nik Siver Efex Pro and see what might come from that. I first used my -2, 0, and +2 EV bracket set to create a HDR image in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 which I then adjusted for exposure and tone mapped it. I returned it to Aperture 3 where I made a few adjustments to saturation, vibrance and detail slider before doing my final sharpening. After doing that I took that image into NIK Silver Efex Pro where I used the antique preset to create the image above.

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Looking Back To An Earlier Time

For the image above I followed essentially the same process, bracket set to HDR then back to Aperture for some adjustments and finally into NIK Silver Efex Pro where I applied the neutral preset and chose the Agfa 400 film look along with a little red filter to finish it

Where the Bourbon Was Born

Memories of Spirits Long Gone
Memories of Spirits Long Gone

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This image is a four exposure bracket set taken at ISO 200 without additional light added. One of the benefits of shooting for HDR is the ability to capture scenes such as this with the extended dynamic range that a bracket set encompasses.

By exposing at +2, +1, 0, and -1 EV I was able to capture the textures within the scene and then merge them using NIK HDR EFex Pro 2. I adjusted the exposure and details in NIK HDR EFex Pro 2 and then I took the resulting image into Nik Silver Efex Pro to create a montone image. As I experimented with the various presets I came upon the “Antique Plate 2” preset which allowed me to create an image that feels as if it were made in another time. I thought the preset fit the subject and gave it an aura of mystery that I was hoping for.

After completing the monotone image I returned it to Aperture 3 where I sharpened it slightly and made a few other minor adjustments.

Big Eye

Stutz Bearcat at Keeneland

This image is from my trip to Keeneland’s 2012 Concours de’Elegance last Saturday. I am fascinated by the size and detail of the early automobiles I see at these events such as this headlight on a Stutz Bearcat. According to the owner this car is one of only three known to still exist.

Due to the size of the crowd it was nearly impossible to photograph the cars without someone stepping into the shot so I decided to shoot details of the cars instead. I was able to keep the crowd out of these shots because I moved in close to the cars and got down low in front of them. Sometimes I was even laying on the ground to get an angle that allowed for an interesting composition; the people around me must have thought I was having a stroke when they saw an old man prostrate on the ground. At any rate it helped to keep them out of my camera’s line of sight.

I first processed this image in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 as an HDR from a single image and then saved it back into Aperture 3. I then took it into NIK Silver Efex Pro where I converted it to black and white. I made a few adjustment while in there and then back to Aperture 3 for my final processing. There were some branches intruding on the left side that I cloned out using the retouch feature in Aperture 3. I then made a few contrast adjustments and some minor sharpening before saving the image.