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Joe Ley’s Garden of Delights

Joe Ley’s Garden of Delights

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This is another image form the NuLu Photowalk on Saturday. This is a side yard at Joe Ley Antiques on Market Street here in Louisville. I processed it using Topaz Adjust and the Spicify preset. Some readers of this blog have asked me if I’m advertising for Topaz, NIK or OnOne so I just want to clear the air about that. The simple answer is no; I am sharing what tools and techniques I use to achieve the images that I see in my mind when I’m photographing or when I’m in my studio creating a new piece of art. I want those who view my art to know what I used, not to sell them on the tools, but to open their eyes to the possibilities that the plug-ins offer for artistic expression.

While I consider myself to be an accomplished photographer I do not feel bound or constrained to meet the expectations of other photographers. I am first and foremost a photographic artist; I try to impart my feeling for the subjects I photograph through the use of color, composition and texture. I am not concerned when someone feels the need to criticize my art and thinks that somehow I have broken some arbitrary norm that they think is sacrosanct. I don’t need validation from those who think they know what I should be doing or how I should do it.

Photography is my chosen art form and I’m content to put it out in the world and share it with anyone who enjoys it. I didn’t study art to copy other artists; in part I studied art to understand what others had done before me and draw inspiration from their works. I enjoy color, I like saturated colors, I like natural colors, I like the colors in a sunset or a thunderstorm. Sometimes I feel that I cannot improve on the scene before my lens and I strive to be as realistic as possible while at other times I want to overpower the colors and punch them up beyond what some folks consider natural.