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Sunset Over the Ohio River Downtown Span Construction

The Sun Sets On The New Bridge Site in Louisville KY
The Sun Sets On The New Downtown Bridge Site

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In this view of the Ohio River and the John F. Kennedy Bridge you can see, in the river, the first evidence of the foundations for the bridge towers that will eventually rise into the air and carry the Downtown Span of the Ohio River Bridges Project here in Louisville Kentucky. As the foundation work progresses it is becoming easier to see the path that the new bridge will take as it crosses the river and connects Kentucky and Indiana via Interstate 65. When the project is completed the new bridge will carry all northbound I-65 traffic while the existing Kennedy Bridge will become the southbound component of the I-65 river crossing.

This HDR image is composed of a three frame bracket set using +2, 0 and -2 EV exposures which were then merged in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 and finished using Aperture 3 for the final contrast, color channel, sharpening and detail adjustments.

HDR Ohio River Bridges Project

Ohio River Bridges Project Downtown Span #2
Ohio River Bridges Project Downtown Span #2

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 After a couple meetings with Walsh Construction I have been granted access to the construction sites after I complete the required safety training.  This week I will be going through safety training with Walsh Construction to familiarize myself with the safety procedures that I will need to follow while shooting the Ohio River Bridges Project.

I am excited and honored that they are allowing me to shoot onsite and really looking forward to getting started. It is a huge project and has over 50 individual spans that I will be following for the next three years as the project proceeds. I will be able to document the progress and the men and women who are building the bridges from now until the completion of the project.

I hope you will stick around as I record the day to day work that goes into a project of this scale and the men and women who will be doing the work. I intend to show as many facets of the job as possible from the construction workers to the engineering support teams and the folks who run the office side too. I’ll be shooting most of the work in HDR and I’m sure that there will be many discoveries as I try new software and new camera techniques throughout the next three years.

Above the Big Four Bridge Again

Above the Big Four Bridge
Over the Bridge

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This is another shot from above the Big Four Bridge. In the background is the Kennedy Bridge that carries Interstate 65 across the Ohio River.