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Google Acquires Nik Software & Snapseed.

Google Acquires Nik Software & Snapseed. Good or Bad for Photography? tutorial.

If you are a regular reader here at SpeedDemon2 then you know I am a big fan of NIK software. I hope that the acquisition of NIK by Google doesn’t radically change the way that NIK develops and updates it’s software. NIK has been very good about keeping it’s users up to date with the software and offering updates as they improved their products.

The statement from the NIK Software Team is encouraging and leaves the door open for future products from them. I hope that Snapseed remains in the lineup and keeps pace with the Apple IOS. It would be a shame to lose this app or to have it become outdated due to the Google vs Apple dynamic.

I suppose that the resources of Google will allow even greater development in the tradition that NIK have been known for over the past 17 years. Only time will tell whether this acquisition will help or hinder the NIK Software Team. I’m keeping an open mind as well as keeping my fingers crossed that the acquisition is just the beginnings of ever more awesome NIK products for photographers.