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Forms and Lines

Often when I’m looking for something to shoot on a construction site I encounter wonderful Forms and Lines. Sometimes they are simple cylinders or sharp edged rectangles that in and of themselves are great subjects. At other times I am fortunate to find a dynamic composition that juxtaposes forms and catches my attention, such as this scene, which contains curves, lines, vertical and horizontal movement and to top it off a shadow that combines with the bridge above to sweep the viewer’s eye along to the left of the frame.

Girder and Bridge Columns
Girder and Bridge Columns



Red Winch
Red Winch

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This winch is used on the crane barge to handle the post that are used to anchor it in the river after it is in place. I loved the color and shapes so I looked for a way to use it in a composition that shows the mid river job sites and the equipment that is needed out there.

Three frame handheld HDR image using NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 to merge and tone map the image before returning it to Aperture 3 for final adjustments.

1948 Buick

This Buick caught my eye at the Street Rod Nationals here in Louisville last summer. I decided to use Topaz Adjust to make a Black and White version and really like the way it came out. By getting down low with my camera I was able to create a dynamic composition that emphasizes the lines in the car.

Here is the same car processed in Topaz Adjust. The Spicify preset really brought out the color in the car and enhanced the clouds. I got in low and close to the car to compose this shot. I like the way that the car seems to be moving out of the frame, the details inside the headlight, the reflections of the sky and the way the metallic paint sparkles in the sun.

One tip I have for shooting these types of images is to use a polarizer. Using a polarizer intensifies the colors and subdues the glare that shooting at midday causes. The other tip I have for you is to get down on the ground and shoot up at the car. Don’t be afraid to get dirty lying on the ground; in the end the results are usually worth it.

This final image is of another 1948 Buick I found down in Alabama. It has been given a faux HDR look with Topaz Adjust. I took this shot early in the morning and shot it from a low angle to emphasize the grill and the massiveness of the car. The sky was very hazy that morning which resulted in it being nearly colorless but the Spicify preset brought a little color back into it. The halo around the tree is a result of pushing the preset a little too far but even at that I like this image.