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Why Blog?

iRobot eyes
iRobot eyes

I was reading Renard Moreau’s blog this morning http://renardmoreau.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/just-pondering-part-352/ and his daily post got me thinking about what blogging has done for me.

Here’s what I wrote:

“For me blogging about my photography has opened many new doors and at the same time it has forced me to search for meaning in my work. I have only been blogging for about ten months and already I am in contact with a worldwide network of creative people who share my interests.
I could not have planned this but through writing about and sharing my art I have grown in so many ways. I’ll soon be 65 years old and only wish that something like blogging had been available to me 40 years ago as I set out on my journey into art school and my path of creativity.
To those who are just beginning their journey I say; write every day, create every day and stay engaged with the world around you. The planet is shrinking one post at a time and there are so many creative minds to connect with. What exciting times these are and what wonders await us all.”