Sunsets on the Ohio River

Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy Bridges at Sunset

Earlier this week I went down to Waterfront Park to shoot the sunset from the Big Four Bridge. We have been having a lot of rain this winter and sunsets haven’t been very interesting so when I saw that maybe the clouds were going to be colorful I thought I’d give it a try. January sunsets aren’t usually very intensely colorful but the evening offered some nice color.

Waterfront Park Swing Garden

Lincoln and Kennedy Bridges

Lincoln and Kennedy Bridges in Black and White.

12 thoughts on “Sunsets on the Ohio River

  1. Fabulous sweeping colors against silhouetted bridges, nicely balanced.
    Am I mistaken it’s been some time since we’ve been treated to view your wonderful work? If I’m not, welcome back!

    1. Thanks Phyllis. Yes I took some time off from posting to Speeddemon2 Photography as the pace of the Ohio River Bridges Project went into high gear. The bridges were finished in December and I had to put together a show in December as well.

      I’m just getting back to some sort of normalcy and working on my book about it now. I hope to be more focused on posting here on in 2017 as I go back over the 300,000 photos from the ORB and catalog, keyword, organize and process them.

    1. So beautiful! From the shades of black and white to the incredible sunset glow and reflection on the water….just beautiful!!

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