Sunsets on the Ohio River

Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy Bridges at Sunset

Earlier this week I went down to Waterfront Park to shoot the sunset from the Big Four Bridge. We have been having a lot of rain this winter and sunsets haven’t been very interesting so when I saw that maybe the clouds were going to be colorful I thought I’d give it a try. January sunsets aren’t usually very intensely colorful but the evening offered some nice color.

Waterfront Park Swing Garden

Lincoln and Kennedy Bridges

Lincoln and Kennedy Bridges in Black and White.

8 thoughts on “Sunsets on the Ohio River

  1. Fabulous sweeping colors against silhouetted bridges, nicely balanced.
    Am I mistaken it’s been some time since we’ve been treated to view your wonderful work? If I’m not, welcome back!

    1. Thanks Phyllis. Yes I took some time off from posting to Speeddemon2 Photography as the pace of the Ohio River Bridges Project went into high gear. The bridges were finished in December and I had to put together a show in December as well.

      I’m just getting back to some sort of normalcy and working on my book about it now. I hope to be more focused on posting here on in 2017 as I go back over the 300,000 photos from the ORB and catalog, keyword, organize and process them.

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