Sunday Evening Strollers

Sunday Evening Strollers
Sunday Evening Strollers

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I shot this last night on the Big Four Bridge Ramp as the sun was setting. The evening was balmy and people were out enjoying the sunset and strolling along the bridge.

Processing was done on NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 and Aperture 3. There are three frames here that were merged at 100% anti-ghosting setting which eliminated the problem of shooting people moving during the three exposures. I also had to use the underexposed image as the reference image before I managed to get the people de-ghosted. I learned that when applying anti-ghosting it may take several tries before I can get the results I’m looking for. In this case I first used the  0 ev exposure at 20% anti-ghosting but it didn’t stop the ghosting. I then ran through the rest of the settings 40%,60%, 80% and finally 100% but there were still ghosted figures I then switched my reference image and that eliminated the problem.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Strollers

  1. Great image, Nick, but an even better tutorial. Had you used on single-image HDR there would have been no ghosting issue, but how would the resulting image have compared? I want to be on the lower walk, going in to the sunset. The upper takes me away, leaving me conflicted. Great work, my friend. Best, Lauren

    1. Thanks Lauren, I have found that single image HDR process has some limitations that affect the final image quality. In order to capture the wide dynamic range created by the difference between the ramp on the left and the sky it was necessary to shoot a three frame bracket.

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