Spring Morning on Floyd’s Fork

Spring Morning on Floyd's Fork
Spring Morning on Floyd’s Fork

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Another example of realistic HDR processing using NIK HDR Efex Pro 2. This image is from a three exposure bracket set shot at -2, 0, and +2 EV. I merged it and applied the Balanced preset before adjusting the tone mapping and tonality. I then returned it to Aperture 3 for final adjustment.

12 thoughts on “Spring Morning on Floyd’s Fork

    1. I’m not sure but I think it’s only for fishing. The lake was once a private pay to fish lake and has been placed in a public trust. The stream that flows through the park has canoe and kayak launches as well.

    1. Bracketing helps bring out the detail in the shadows while maintaining the highlights. It’s similar to dodging and burning from the days of film. Thanks for the kind words about the image too.

  1. Lovely shot! Yes! But I do not understand what you are saying in the corrective mode. Help me to understand better. Thanks

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