Silent Sunday

Into the Mist
Into the Mist

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Memo From the Department of Shameless Self Promotion

I am still accepting participants for my next HDR Workshop on May 17-18, 2013 here in Louisville. The last session was a great success; the participants all felt that it was time well spent and were applying the things they learned the next day. Here’s a link to the sign up page at Outdoor Photo Gear.



14 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    1. Thank you Lauren I need to continue to explore this park at sunrise and on foggy mornings.

      BTW, I’ve been told that the line of white and green posts are an armature on which there will eventually be vines growing.

  1. Nick, this is splendid. I love the way the posts lead the eye into and through the picture, the contrast of the sharp areas with the fog, and the play of the different colors. I’ve just returned from some photographing along our Wallkill River (Hudson Valley) and will hope that some of your inspiration rubs off on me when I process one or two of the images. If I were anhywhere near Louisville, I’d sign up for your workshop, believe me. Have you ever considered doing one as a Webinar?

    1. THank you Nancy that is very kind of you to say about my workshop. I’m also very pleased to hear your thoughts about this image, thank you. As for doing a webinar I really haven’t thought about that, I wonder how it would work. My workshop is very free flowing and a lot of what works is the interaction of the participants and me as well as the hands on aspect of working together in the same room.

  2. Interesting timing. Yesterday I decided to take a trip down to the lake (Michigan) as I haven’t done so in years. Sometimes one forgets to visit our own “backyard” because we’ve seen it so many times before. As it happened, the wind was from the north-east and that brings the fog in from the lake. It was beautiful and I must admit, while looking through my viewfinder, I found the fog a metaphor for for life. You can see only what’s in front of you and must wait for time to revel the future. The concept of using HDR & fog is brilliant. Almost as if using multiple exposures to “lift the veil”


  3. I enjoyed talking with you Nick. I will not be able to attend the HDR workshop as a friend from AZ is coming on the 20th. and I need to get off the computer and make room for her! Please let me know about future workshops.

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