Self Portrait with the Devilhog

This self portrait was taken a couple of years ago at the entrance to the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway. I used Topaz Adjust bring out the details and colors in the scene.

I’m still feeling my way through this startup of the Speeddemon2 blog and trying to wrap my head around the WordPress analytics that show how many visitors the blog gets each day. There have been days where over 200 people viewed the blog and there have been days when as few as 30 people have stopped by. I’m trying to correlate those numbers with the posts from those days to better understand how I can deliver photos and information that will lead people to return each day or each week. I truly want to be a resource for photographers and ordinary folks to learn more about the work I produce and to find help, or inspiration, to further their artistic vision.

I would really appreciate hearing from you, the visitors, about what worked over the past few weeks and what didn’t. I studied fine art in a school that valued critiques as a way to grow and expand an artist’s thinking and inform his or her work. I’m asking anyone who has something constructive to say to post it in the comment section. I’m sitting here writing these word though and I’m wondering how I’ll deal with the possibility that no one will say anything. Oh well I can’t control the universe so I’ll take my chances with this post.

5 thoughts on “Self Portrait with the Devilhog

  1. this is amazing, the vastness and beauty of the bonneville salt flats is breathtaking, almost surreal. the clear sky with the windswept clouds, bring out all the detail that your camera captures! i can honestly say that every single photo you take is magical, and brings out an emotion, ive a huge weakness for beautiful landscapes and nature, love your work! 😀

  2. at least you know you can’t control the universe, so that’s an important part of generating interest. you are going to appeal to those that truly have wide variety of interests, from those that want to know your “secrets of composition” to those that enjoy the subjects of that composition. I would just ask others to share with one person that they know who might enjoy your blog. Since i know you personally I can say “Nick puts the Most Interesting Man in the World into second place by a huge margin”. If you have an interest or question relating to his work, fire away…but be prepared for a lengthy, passionate discussion. I’m off to share on my Facebook Page.

    1. Thanks Kent, good insights into what may generate interest. The part about the Most Interesting Man in the World is high praise indeed, I hope I can live up to it.

  3. I feel so blessed to be following your work, which speaks volumes about your level of expertise. I’m taking many mental notes as you write tips and instruction for us amateurs. Thank you!

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