Saturday’s Sunset on the Ohio River

Saturday Sunset
Saturday Sunset

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This HDR image was taken from the Big Four Bridge in Waterfront Park Saturday evening just after sunset. I shot my usual three frame bracket set of +2, 0 and -2 EV which I merged in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 to create a HDR image. I started with the balanced preset and from there I built my own preset for this image as well as several other bracket sets that are from the same shoot. After merging the three images I adjusted contrast and exposure sliders. I then added a  -2 stop gradient filter to the sky to lower the brightness level there. I then returned the image to aperture 3 where I made a few small adjustments to contrast and adjusted the red, yellow, blue and magenta color channels. Finally I applied sharpening and cropped it to give it a more panoramic feeling.

8 thoughts on “Saturday’s Sunset on the Ohio River

      1. You know, I am a young photographer who did 28 years of shooting behind him ….. and when I see vo work I say “respect! (In french)” I think as you thoroughly explain your technique, some have thought that it is easy to do the same using the recipe. But I know that beyond the HDR and other tools, if you have not basically the sense of composition and light, in the end, the image of a missed something. You, nothing is missing.

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