REO Speedwagon

This REO Speedwagon was at the NSRA Streetrod Nationals last year. It was powered by the Buick Fireball Eight Engine I featured a few days ago. I’m sharing this because I think the way I chose to shoot it really worked out well. I was using my 18mm-200mm Nikkor VR lens and I got down on my belly to frame the shot. I shot at f8 with the lens set to 18mm. I wanted to accent the wheel and tire in the frame while including the Cadillac “Lady” hood ornament. I really dig the way she is soaring into the clouds while the wheel heads straight at the viewer.

I processed this in NIK HDR Efex Pro from a single frame image. I first did some minor cropping in Aperture 3 then adjusted the exposure and vibrance before finally sharpening the photo slightly. After doing this I saved a virtual copy with my Aperture 3 adjustments which I then took into NIK Hdr Efex Pro for the final version you see here.

One additional note: as with all the images I post here; if you click on the image it will open in another window at a larger size.

7 thoughts on “REO Speedwagon

  1. This is a great shot, Nick! And the HDR-type processing you did to the image works well here. Sometimes I don’t care for it when it goes past a certain point. This looks like the same location where you took some other shots you posted recently (from the admittedly minimal background that’s visible). What’s the little protrusion visible behind the top of the wheel? Part of the car, or some background distraction you were trying to hide?

    1. Trying to hide a street lamp… I suppose I could go in and clone it out…. Glad you like the HDR treatment; I too am no fan of some of the over sharpened, over saturated look I often see. I have to confess though that in some of my own work. when I first started down the HDR path, was too intense also.

    1. Yes it did, it was a great day for shooting streetrods. The clouds and weather for last year’s Streetrod Nationals was nearly perfect. I hope it is the same way this year. They’ll be returning here the first weekend of August.

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