10 thoughts on “Parklands on Ice

    1. Thanks Ellen. Yes it is a difficult subject to capture. It really made me think about how hard it is to capture the dazzling colors of light through the prisms that ice forms on the trees.

    1. Thanks Lauren, The starburst sun was a conscious decision to shoot with a small aperture to get that effect. I needed to step away from construction for a short time to get my eyes and mind into another place and this ice coated landscape was just the medicine I needed.

  1. Lovely work i was pleasantly surprised when i opened the email and these were there, not because they were good of course but because they weren’t bridges! lol
    I love the first and last images the most but they’re all good as always. I can almost feel myself wanting to jump into the snow on the last photograph, there is a lovely bit of texture there, well done.

    1. Thanks Karen, I haven’t stopped my construction work I just needed to take a break from it and shoot these images of the ice and snow.

      After processing the clear blue skies I also found out that my both camera sensors are extremely dirty and need cleaning ASAP.. LOL

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