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There seems to be a lot of activity going on in the photo software industry lately, discount sales, new pricing, and new features are rapidly happening. With the announcement by Adobe to discontinue it’s CS Software program, and force any new Photoshop users go to their CC cloud based subscription, I think that many of the plugin makers will see an opportunity to build more photographer specific features in the future. OnOne Software is already offering their software in a stand alone suite and I expect other software labs to do the same. To that end OnOne seems to be taking a giant step with their new announcement about OnOne Labs blog where they will be previewing new ideas and seeking feedback from the photographic community.

I received the press release a few days ago but waited until the OnOne Labs blog was live before posting it here on SpeedDemon2.


OnOne Software has just launched a  New Web Page That Provides Customers the Opportunity to Preview and Provide Feedback on Pending Technologies and Products 

Portland, OR – May 21, 2013 – onOne Software, Inc.®, the leading developer and provider of photo effects for everyone, has announced onOne Labs, a blog that lists new technologies and products being considered for development in the effort to gauge interest and solicit customer feedback. onOne Labs will allow visitors to learn about development projects, note their interest level, and offer constructive comments.

onOne Labs will allow visitors to directly engage with onOne Software in a collaborative development process and voice what’s important for their digital photography and image editing needs. Projects discussed will range from those early in the concept stage to those in the very beginning of development to those that are near completion. Projects will also be updated throughout their development to elicit additional feedback.

“Customer input has always been a key factor in the development of our product offerings” said Craig Keudell, president of onOne Software. “In the past, we have gained tremendous insight from our customers about their wants and needs through occasional phone calls, emails, surveys, and conversations at conferences. Going forward, we’d like to have an ongoing and direct conversation with our customers to make sure we are meeting their expectations and building the best products for their photography needs. We already have a number of exciting things in the works, which we believe will become great additions to our line up especially after getting customer feedback via these Labs.”

The onOne Labs currently includes discussions about features now in development for the next version of Perfect Photo Suite —including a Quick View Browser and a new Perfect Enhance module—and new product offerings, such as one with the working title, Lightpad. These projects are listed with descriptions and may include visual mock-ups or videos to further describe them. Each of these are now listed in the onOne Labs awaiting feedback.


The onOne Labs blog may be found at labs.ononesoftware.com. Inquiries and suggestions related to onOne Labs development projects but not listed there may be emailed to labs@ononesoftware.com.

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3 thoughts on “onOne Software Announces onOne Labs

  1. I purchased onOne 5.5 suite, and all the upgrades up to the current version. I’ve yet to really use any of it though, as it “hangs up” in PS CS4, and I never know what will or will not work in layers, smart objects, etc. I use all of the Nik and Topaz products interchangeably within layers and smart objects with no problems. My problems and concerns have yet to responded to, or addressed by onOne…;(

    1. Maybe you should try writing to the new blog and see if that helps. Sometimes I have difficulty with various software on my iMac yet it performs flawlessly on my later model MacBook pro. I attribute it to the older computer having to work harder to process a file than the later model. I have also found that when I have issues with a particular image file that it sometimes helps to close all the programs and restart only the ones I need. I think it helps ease the burden on the processor and frees up computer resources. All this is simply conjecture on my part but it may help you solve your dilema. You might also try uninstalling all versions of OnOne and doing a fresh installation to make sure that there are no conflicts within the OnOne software.

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