One Week Left Before My HDR Workshop in Louisville KY

My workshop will help you take your HDR skills to a new level and allow you to develop your own personal style of HDR Imagery. Only one more week to enroll. There are still a few spaces left so don’t delay.—hdr-photography/

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe, NM
Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe, NM

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This image is a single frame faux HDR image processed in HDR Efex Pro and Aperture 3. I had to shoot handheld with available light which is why there is some noise in the shadows. I was willing to accept the noise in order to get the shot; sometimes we have to make compromises in order to get an image that we may never have the opportunity to shoot again.

4 thoughts on “One Week Left Before My HDR Workshop in Louisville KY

  1. I find this a revealing photograph – not so much with regard to the fine photography as such, but with regard to the church being used by individuals for prayer outside formal worship sessions. I visit a fair number of churches here and I can’t remember the last time that I entered and found somebody at prayer (in which case, in the past, I’ve made myself scarce until they leave).

    1. Thank you Stephen I appreciate you comments about the image and the people using the church. The woman praying in the right hand side is the reason I really like the image. I think it moves the image from being simply a photo of the church to the more meta-physical realm of belief and it’s part of the human condition.

      While I understand you position of making yourself scarce I think the overriding concern for me in a similar situation is to try not to impose on their moment while experiencing mine. I would not, for instance, go up to the worshipper and start photographing them as the primary subject or do anything to cause them discomfort.

      I was there with my friend and partner in life; she was hoping to have some images to use in the art history classes she taught so I set about getting something appropriate for her students. Once we returned home and I started editing them I discovered this particular frame that spoke to me too.

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