Ohio River Sunset

Thursday evening the weather was great and the Ohio River was really high due to all the snow and rain of the past couple of weeks. I decided to head down to Waterfront Park to see how the Ohio River sunset would play out.

Towhead Island #2
Towhead Island #2

For the first image in this post I followed one of my own rules and looked behind me to see how the sunset was illuminating the eastern sky. When I did I saw this incredible scene of the eastern clouds and their reflection in the river. I loved the way the colors looked a lot like oil on water and the iridescent colors that are visible after a rain on a parking lot. I tried two different crops with this image and to my thinking that created two very different feelings for the photos.

Click on any image and open a lightbox slide show.

For the past few months I’ve been experimenting with a new processing method, well new to me, to process my images using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS5. I think it’s important for any artist to continue seeking new methods in order to grow. I am finding that many of my “normal” exposures are actually very detailed without resorting to using HDR processing.

While I am enjoying the freedom of not needing to merge every bracket set I shoot I am not abandoning HDR and the way it allows me to create images that express my visions for them. Some images are best accomplished using the entire three frame bracket set and NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 to get all the colors and details I like to see before finishing them with ACR and CS5.

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