Ohio River Bridges Project Downtown Span Construction Site

Ohio River Bridges Downtown Span Construction Site
Ohio River Bridges Downtown Span Construction Site

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This image shows the Ohio River Bridges Project Downtown Span construction site looking south from the Indiana approach. The triangular form in the right hand side of the photo is the base for the western section of the north tower that will support the new bridge. Across from that form you can see the rebar structure that will also be formed and filled with concrete to build the eastern section of the towers. These two sections are the first physical structures for the new bridge to emerge from the river and herald great progress toward building the long awaited Downtown Bridge.

This HDR image was created from a three frame bracket set that I shot using +2, 0 and -2 EV exposures. I then post processed them using NIK HDR EFex Pro 2 to merge and tone map the resulting image. I started with the Balanced preset which I adjusted the Detail and Drama sliders to give the image the tonality I wanted to see. After that I returned the image to Aperture 3 where I boosted the saturation and vibrance slightly to emphasize the rich warm light that the rising sun was casting on the scene. I also slightly boosted the mid-contrast, adjusted the highlights, adjusted the separate color channels to enhance aspect of each one and finished the image with sharpening and a slight vignette.

7 thoughts on “Ohio River Bridges Project Downtown Span Construction Site

    1. Thanks Ellen It’s been interesting making the transfer. I still have work ahead of me to refine the new layout but I really like being the one in the driver’s seat now.

    1. Thanks Nancy as always it’s a new experience with more skills to master but it’s also very rewarding.

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