Keep It Simple

Finishing the Deck
Finishing the Deck

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Sometimes a simple image has a lot to say. I was photographing the final finishing of the concrete when I saw this scene in the viewfinder. It has been processed in Aperture 3 with minimal enhancement to the vibrance and a little sharpening.

6 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. Nick,  I need to know –  Are the workers secured to the bridge so they don’t accidently fall over???  I’ve very much enjoyed your documentary and devotion to the efforts of the workmen.


    1. They weren’t wearing safety harnesses while they were finishing the concrete but if you look closely you can see the safety cables that were in place to prevent falling off the bridge. Whenever they were working down along side the bridge they had on safety harnesses though. I’m glad you have enjoyed my work with the bridge builders.

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